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Welcome to TCA, founded so that while you celebrate the (oh so) sacred bond with your dog(s), you AUTOMATICALLY become a Global Ambassador for the tortured and the killed- THE MEAT DOGS of several Asian countries. We are a group of fiercely committed humans that believe and are proving one day at a time that indeed WE CAN END THE DOG MEAT TRADE!

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The Canine American

Help To End The Dog Meat Trade in Asia!

The Canine American was founded to shine a BIG BRIGHT light on the dog meat trade in Asia. Most don’t know it exists, most cannot bear this disturbing truth. The tales of rescue over the past half decade reveals HOPE, lots of it, but this is a HUGE endeavor and it needs your support and Sharing. Let’s fund our biggest Warrior Marc Ching (and his focused team) as they shut down farms, fight to change existing legislation and fly dogs out of there to a new life. If you love a dog, know their soul, their humor, and their spirit, raising money for this Mission is crucial. Our world IS full of tragedy AND beauty. All you have to do is buy a very inexpensive item, SHARE THIS SITE, and feel good. Really good and proud that you took this moment to take a stand for the Meat Dogs Of Asia. WE WILL END THIS!

“The Canine American has always been passionate about our Foundation and supported us in every avenue we have addressed. By purchasing a magnet you are supporting our mission for animal advocacy. So please buy a magnet as we benefit greatly.”

Marc Ching, Founder & President
Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

Our Mission

The Million Magnet Mission

Join us in bringing awareness to the dog meat trade and become a part of the Million Magnet Mission. Through reaching the Million Magnet Goal, Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation will receive $5 million dollars to enact legislation changes, save, give medical care and transport dear rescued dogs away from the horror and so much more. (actual size 6.5″ x 6.5″)

The Canine American Magnet

This magnet is PAWSOME! This gorgeous paw print is from Molly, a rescue from the South who now lives in style on the river in Piermont NY. Let your support for the “Meat” dogs be known with our premium 100% authentically designed Magnet made in USA.

$10 tax & shipping incl.
Save when you bundle!

The Canine American
Two-Sided Dog Tag

$6.00 tax & shipping incl.
Or get 2 for $10
Save when you bundle!

The Canine American
Non-Adhesive Bumper Sticker

$6.00 tax & shipping incl.
or get 2 for $10
Save when you bundle!

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