My name is Lisa & my life changed the moment I became aware of the DOG (& CAT) MEAT TRADE. It’s a brutal reality in many Asian countries.

As a passionate Dog Lover in 2014 I created FREEDOG – A website (www.free-dog.org) to create awareness. During that time I realized that people got so severely disturbed, (even though it was non-graphic) they held their hand up & said, ”I can’t even”. Many went & viewed the videos available of the torture & murder- so I understood…  its just way too intense, & even the best-intentioned dog lovers shut down -blocked it out. It does not mean that they don’t care, but as the HEROS deep in the trenches know, DOING NOTHING IS THE SAME AS NOT CARING.

I had to figure out a way to engage the masses of dog lovers out there without freaking you out. Look, we all enjoy a certain level of comfort in our lives & this new knowledge can act as a COMPLETE DISRUPTOR.  It came to me, that what I needed to do is have a Site that people can come to- learn the basics, & simply just be happy about loving dogs, buy a product or two, support this Cause & move on with your day feeling good.

T.C.A. celebrates the sacred bond we share with our dogs & creates a stream of funding to our Hero Marc Ching & his organization Animal Hope & Wellness (501c3).  The Canine American can & will be a giant American brand. The design work is gorgeous & original & all made in the USA. Here’s to a SMASH success beginning with this Million Magnet Mission to END THE DOG AND CAT MEAT TRADE. 50% of profits to AH&W, & the rest to Billboards, education & supporting the HEROS working shutting down the farms, & changing legislation. The list of animals in need is endless, but especially as a dog lover, I VOW to spend my time & energy on this HUGE endeavor.

Will you join me? Once established, monies can also be directed at ending the slaughter of horses, & Wildlife Preservation & helping with the Pit Bull Holocaust that is happening in several countries. Lastly we can ALL participate in recommending local shelters that need help, & monies can be earmarked for them. WE MUST CREATE THIS FROM SCRATCH & BE DEDICATED. THIS IS OUR COLLECTIVE INCUBATOR FOR ALL I JUST MENTIONED!

I am so committed- I sold my home in NY & moved to NC to make this possible. THIS DESTINY IS ALL OF OURS READING THIS. Just make a simple purchase & urge your friends to do the same.


***If anyone out there has ideas, contacts, ways to fundraise please get in touch.