? Happy ? Holidays ? Wishing you all a nice holiday and also to mention they are sometimes very challenging- Be grateful for what you have AND for what you dont have. For me I am so GRATEFUL to have finally completed this Site, now it’s up to everyone to decide to Declare their Dog A Canine American ??- Dogs come from all over the Globe ?- once here they are American (matters not the Breed), Canine American- and this means that WE put our hands and paws together and take a stand for the Dogs in Need- Thank you – Bless you- and please Declare you Dog a Canine American today-


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  • donna m brucci says:

    Thank you for starting this movement. I adopted a 2017 Yulin survivor from Animal Hope and Wellness. Marc Ching is a true hero, angel and a f*cking boss. There is no one I admire more..

    • Lisa says:

      Donna so sorry it took so long to respond. Blogging is definitely not my thing, but THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. YULIN breaks not only my heart, but me in general. I am sickened by the images yet force myself to as it emboldens me even more.
      I hope that you buy a product. Declare you dog a Canine American. I THANK YOU, Lisa